News & Reporting

SALON | Staff Writer | All works 

    ‣ This one drug threatens to tank Medicare's entire prescription drug model | Dec 2021

    ‣ Union busters: Why Starbucks executives are suddenly swarming stores | Nov 2021

    ‣ Bari Weiss’ field of right-wing dreams: Will the “University of Austin” ever actually exist? | Nov 2021

    ‣ Co-opting the message: How anti-trans activists hijacked a tool meant to help trans people | Oct 2021

    ‣ Gun manufactures quietly target young boys using social media | Sep 2021

    ‣ ExxonMobil has poured millions of dollars into the communities it’s accused of poisoning | Aug 2021

    ‣ Trump's magic mark: Republicans are still reaping millions in donations with “pre-checked boxes” | Aug 2021

    ‣ This Democrat got big money from Big Pharma — and turned against lower drug prices | July 2021

    ‣ Shades of Big Tobacco: How (and why) Juul bought an entire issue of a scientific journal | July 2021

    ‣ Rising GOP star Ron DeSantis goes after campus thoughtcrime with a threatening new law | June 2021

    ‣ Cops and their allies have pushed hard for a new wave of stringent anti-protest bills June 2021

    ‣ How so-called “libertarian” Charles Koch drove a national wave of anti-protest laws | May 2021

    ‣ Right-wing funders are waging a war to keep dark money donors secret | May 2021

    ‣ As big corporations strike a pose for racial justice, they keep on funding the police | Apr 2021

    ‣ Corporate America condems Georgia anti-voting bill after funding its sponsors | Apr 2021
    ‣ Behind the dark money web that put Amy Coney Barrett in the Supreme Court | Mar 2021

    ‣ How many GOP House members are mired in conflicts of interest| Mar 2021

THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | Reporting Intern | All works

    ‣ Schumer’s debt plan would erase $50,000 for each New York student | Dec 2020

    ‣ Hundreds protest Staten Island bar shutdown after violating COVID rules | Dec 2020
    ‣ Cuomo details hospital-focused COVID strategy as COVID cases rise | Nov 2020
    ‣ Cuomo urges “higher standard” for NYC mayoral candidates | Nov 2020

    ‣ Trump supporter threatens to put Brooklyn voter “in the hospital” | Nov 2020

    ‣ Staten Island goes “orange” as Cuomo urges for a coronavirus “reality check” | Nov 2020

    ‣ NYC judge rules homeless men at the Lucerne Hotel can stay | Oct 2020

Commentary & Analysis

SALON | Staff Writer All works

    ‣ From “Sriketober” to the “Great Resignation”: the pandemic is pushing workers to rise up | Nov 2021

    ‣ The conservative group using the courts to push ivermectin on COVID patients Oct 2021

    ‣ Marco Rubio wants to go after “woke” corporations — but there’s a catch | Oct 2021

    ‣ How a Greenpeace undercover reporting team embarrassed an ExxonMobil lobbyist | July 2021

    ‣ Corporations like Amazon pay big bucks for “union avoidance” — and it all happens in the dark | June 2021

    ‣ This Supreme Court case could fundamentally alter LGBTQ+ rights — and not in a good way | June 2021

    ‣ How big business created the “labor shortage” myth — and the GOP used it to slash benefits | May 2021

    ‣ Will “Second Amendment sanctuaries” trigger a constitutional crisis? | Apr 2021

    ‣ Goldman Sachs has made big promises on climate policy — but where does the money go? | Apr 2021

    ‣ Big Tech is fueling an AI “arms race”: it could be terrifying — or just a giant scam | Mar 2021

    ‣ The Lincoln Project’s implosion: A perfect time for Democrats to rethink their spending | Feb 2021


    ‣ Con men in tights: on Robinhood’s misguided mission to “democratize finance” | Mar 2021
    ‣ Virtue by the numbers: on the bad methodology of corporate diversity and inclusion indices | Sep 2020

    ‣ On the subject of “honest” ads: they don’t exist | Nov 2020

    ‣ Catch my grift: questioning the great awakening of far-right pundits Nov 2020


    ‣ Hollywood and the Pentagon are cheating on the American public | July 2020